Keeping Scotlands Strongest At Their Best

Keeping Scotlands Strongest On Top Form: How ESP Physio Supports Scotlands Strongest Man

September 28, 2023

Strongman and Strongwomen events, whether small community or large-scale national competitions, are exhilarating spectacles of strength, dedication, and passion. The athletes push their limits to achieve success, but behind the scenes, there’s a team of professionals ensuring their well-being.

ESP Physio have been lucky enough to be involved behind the scenes in this sport in Scotland for many years now, working with some of the best athletes in the country, and even sponsoring Luke and Tom Stoltman on their journey to become European and World Champions!

In this blog, we’ll delve into the vital role that physiotherapy plays in strongman where we recently provided support at Scotlands Strongest Man Finals 2023 at the SEC Glasgow, showcasing the invaluable support our physiotherapy company provides to athletes and organisers.

The Importance of Physiotherapy in Strongman

Physiotherapy is the cornerstone of injury prevention, treatment, and performance optimisation in the world of sports. At strength athletic events, where athletes of various ages and skill levels come together, the risk of injuries is always present. This is where our dedicated physiotherapy team assists to make a significant difference.

1. Preventive Care: Before the event even begins, our physiotherapists work closely with athletes to assess their physical condition. They identify any potential problem areas and develop customized exercise routines and warm-up techniques to minimise the risk of injuries.

2. On-Site Treatment: Strongman is physically demanding, and injuries can happen in an instant. Our team is present on-site, ready to provide immediate care for athletes who may sprain an ankle, pull a muscle, or experience any other sports-related injury. Quick and professional attention can often mean the difference between a minor setback and a lengthy recovery.

3. Performance Enhancement: Our physiotherapists don’t just focus on injury management; they also contribute to improving athletes’ performance. Through techniques such as biomechanical analysis and strength and conditioning training, our physio’s help athletes unlock their full potential.

4. Rehabilitation: In the unfortunate event of an injury, our we are there to guide athletes through the rehabilitation process. We can create tailored recovery plans that include exercises, manual therapy, and other treatments to speed up healing and ensure a safe return to sports.

A Day in the Life of Our Physiotherapy Team at SSM 2023

Let’s paint a picture of how our physiotherapy team Cairn and Steven operated during Scotlands Strongest Man.

Pre-Event Preparation: In the days leading up to the event, our physiotherapists familiarize themselves with the event schedule, venue, and participating athletes. They set up a fully equipped treatment area with all the necessary supplies.

Athlete Assessment: Athletes visit our treatment area for pre-event assessments. These assessments involve checking their range of motion, muscle strength, and overall physical condition. Based on these evaluations, personalized strategies are created.

On-Going Support: Throughout the competition, our physiotherapists are stationed strategically around the venue. They provide immediate care for any injuries, offer advice on injury prevention, and even give athletes quick massages or stretches to keep them in top form between competitions.

Post-Event Care: After the event concludes, our physiotherapy team is still hard at work. They offer post-event assessments to ensure that any minor injuries are addressed promptly and that athletes receive guidance on post-event recovery.


ESP Physio have been providing physio cover at Scotlands Strongest Man since 2014, and have always enjoyed helping out with Stuart Murrays national competition. This years event was no different with some outstanding performances. Special congratulations to one of our regular customers Chris Beetham on securing 3rd place, and to the champion Conor Curran who had some nice words to say about us.

ESP is proud to be a part of these events, offering our expertise to keep the athletes performing at their best. Whether it’s injury prevention, on-site care, performance enhancement, or rehabilitation, our dedicated team is there every step of the way, ensuring that athletes can continue to pursue their passions without compromising their health.

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