Supported Professional Athletes - ESP Physio - Scotland

ESP Physio have a specialist interest in sports performance, and sports rehabilitation. Our experienced staff work with a wide variety of professional athletes and are proud to be affiliated with local clubs and teams.

Tom Stoltman

I got involved with ESP Physio  in preparation for the Scottish Strong Man finals 2018.

I had treatment before, during and after the competition which helped me massively.  I recovered quicker between events and didn’t feel as battered after.  ESP will also be helping me prepare to compete again from April to September and I’m looking forward to them helping my body hold up.

These guys  are top and I’m glad to be part of the team.  I have nothing but positive things to say and I cannot thank them enough.

Luke Stoltman

Knowing Lewis as a competitor, friend and physiotherapist for many years, we have recently started working with one another on a professional level and it has been great addition to my recovery process.

I am now delighted to be on board as an officially supported athlete. The knowledge that these chartered physiotherapists have at ESP is beyond anything I have experienced before.

Having someone that I really trust to work on my body and give me the correct advice is crucial for competing at Worlds Strongest Man. I wouldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Lewis, and his team.

Steven Ray

As a professional MMA fighter in the UFC I need to take care of my body and keep it in tip top condition. I first attended ESP Physio to see about two knee injuries that I had been struggling with for a number of years. I had been to see several other physio’s and sports therapists with these injuries but I hadn’t gotten better despite their treatments.

After a thorough and detailed examination at ESP they advised that it wasn’t physical therapy rehab that I needed at that stage, but instead recommended that I see an Orthopaedic Specialist due to suspected tears in my cartilage. They recommended a few reputable knee specialists and within a short period of time I had received my MRI and had underwent successful surgery to repair two large bucket handle meniscus tears.

After the surgery I attended their clinic in Grangemouth for the post-op rehabilitation and make a successful return to competition. I wouldn’t use anyone else other than ESP.

Danny Henry

I first started working with the team the Elite Sporting Performance team about a year ago. The nature of my sport often leads to aches, pains and injuries so I often find myself at the door of the ESP team. With every visit to the clinics I have always found the team to be friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. After every visit I also feel like I learn something new from the guys that will help me going forward. Unfortunately, my elbows have been causing me grief now for over 2 years, one of which has had 2 surgeries. I had restricted range of motion and suffered a lot of pain at the end of both ranges. For a long time I was extremely down due to my elbow pain, It often felt like I would take one step forward, then two steps back. I saw a number of different physios and doctors, but with little or no improvement.

I started to work with ESP at the Edinburgh clinic shortly before my second surgery. They put together my full rehab program afterwards and kept a detailed log of my rehab progress, recording my range of movement and strength. Week on week I felt improvement, and was encouraged and motivated to keep progressing. Thankfully my elbow is now at a stage where I have the full range of motion back and I feel it’s as strong as it’s ever been.

It’s hard to put in to words how grateful I am to the ESP team for their help and support. My elbow injuries depressed me to the point where I was genuinely considering retirement from the sport. I can’t thank the guys at Elite Sporting Performance enough.

Chris Duncan

I first started out in MMA around 5 years ago at MXP Fitness. ESP Physio were based there at the time and were always around offering friendly advice.

The ESP team are highly dependable and I highly recommend them as they all know first hand how injuries can impact your training and peak performance. Not only do they give the best treatment around but they also give you the correct rehabilitation for your sport. Not one size fits all!

I am really looking forward to being supported by ESP and I am very grateful to have this professional team behind me.

Graham Turner

I would highly recommend Elite sporting Performance to anyone, whether they are a professional athlete or someone walking in off the street. As a professional MMA fighter, I was in need of regular physiotherapy but was not always getting the best treatment available – Before I started physio with ESP, I had issues with fluid on my knee but previous treatment had made little difference.

On my first consultation with Lewis, he had arranged an urgent appointment to have the fluid drained and had my rehabilitation sorted out straight afterwards. It was a real eye opener how professional and knowledgeable the team at ESP are and I can happily say that this standard of treatment has continued throughout my career. As a fighter competing at a high level, I can’t afford to leave injuries untreated and ESP have helped me massively throughout my career.

The benefits of my treatment at ESP show in my performance in the cage – I am stronger, faster, more supple and more explosive.

Kelsey MacDonald

As a ladies professional golfer I was looking for a friendly service that got results quickly. I cannot speak highly enough of the professional service offered by ESP. From the moment I arrived I was welcomed with a friendly smile and completely put at ease as to the back pain problem I had been experiencing. The level of in-depth knowledge, support and encouragement ESP has provided has kept me upbeat, motivated and focused on my end goal.

Additionally, their cost friendly facility allows clients like myself to undergo various treatments to get me back at the top of my game