Sports Injury Physiotherapy - ESP Physio - Scotland

Are you struggling to perform at your best? Perhaps you have a niggling injury that is slowing you down? All of our staff have competed in sport and know just how frustrating this can be! From returning to football after your cruciate ligament repair, to a 16 point TPI Pro Physical Golf screen we can help you return to full function and beyond.

Mixed Martial Arts

As a company ESP have deep roots in Mixed Martial Arts. Director Lewis was once a member of the original Dinky Ninja Fight Team and trained in the sport for 6 years before moving into strength sports. Despite this move away from MMA, the connections stayed strong, and the company started to officially provide work for the Higher Level MMA fighters under head coach James Doolans tutalage from around 2014, this included supporting professional Cage Warrior and UFC fighters Graham Turner, Steven Ray and Danny Henry.

Over the last 4 years we have worked with hundreds of fighters from various gyms and fighting backgrounds including boxing, judo, thai-boxing, BJJ and much more providing an expert physiotherapy service that understands the demands of the sports, and the types of injuries that fighters get.


With clinics based in Central Scotland we are located within a few hours of some of the best golf courses in the world. At ESP we have recently started working with golfers of all abilities to improve movement efficiency, speed and power. Our TPI Certified Physiotherapist Tom has been working closely with local PGA teaching professionals to help golfers play with less pain and shoot consistently lower scores.

We complete independent physical screening and use Trackman/ 3D data to identify each players specific needs. This involves working on mobility, strength and stability to improve player performance.


From season 2018 we have been the official providers of pitch side physiotherapy for Falkirk Football Clubs reserve team and we also run a sports injury clinic for Milton Amateur Football club. At ESP we have significant experience working with football players. Our lead physiotherapist Lewis worked in professional football for 10 years, including spells at Rangers FC and Celtic FC.

ESP also implemented and ran a football player development program for a number of years, providing physiotherapy, and strength and conditioning support. As such we are very familiar with the demands of football and not only the types of injuries that players sustain but also how to rehabilitate them.


As rugby players and tackling collisions get harder this causes more injuries. At ESP all our Staff have experienced working in full time/ part time roles in Rugby.

We have an established clinic at Grangemouth RFC and have recently become the main provider for Physiotherapy at Stirling County RFC. Our team will provide full time care for all the players taking part in the new Super Six leagues. The partnership will also give us access to the fantastic facilities and gym at Bridgehaugh in Stirling city centre.

Strongman / Powerlifting

It’s no surprise that ESP has such strong connections with strength sports, but in particular Scottish Strongman, and powerlifting. Company director Lewis competed from 2011 to 2017 in both sports and represented Scotland at UK’s Strongest Man, Britain’s Strongest Man Naturals, and the British Powerlifting Championships. As soon as his fellow training partners and competitors found out that he was a physiotherapist they all wanted to pick his brains regarding their injuries and rehabilitation!

It made sense for ESP to provide expert service to the best athletes in these sports and we officially established ourselves as leaders in this field providing official physiotherapy support for the 2018 Scotland’s Strongest Man finals, and European Log Lift championships at Glasgow’s SFN Expo. We are also the official physiotherapy providers for 2018 Scotland’s Strongest Man, and 2019 3rd place Britain’s Strongest Man, Tom Stoltman.


Whether your goal is to run your first 5Km or quicken your 1/2 marathon time by 10 mins, ESP can help. All our therapists are able to help reduce pain from overload injuries and keep you in training. We can provide strength and conditioning programs to develop your speed and help reduce risk of injury.

We can provide running gait analysis and discuss the appropriate footwear for you to use. Our running treatment package will be tailored to your needs and help you achieve your goals on the road, track or fells.


The stunning landscape in Scotland provides some amazing roads and trails to ride. Our Physiotherapist Tom has competed on road, trail and track and has experienced the highs and lows of cycling. We can help diagnose any injury from bike crashes and help provide rehabilitation to get your back riding again. It’s not a lot fun cycling in pain and Tom can advise you on your riding position and any modifications to your equipment that would help.

If you’re looking for greater speed, endurance and power ESP is the place for you. All of our clinics have strength and conditioning facilities to help improve your performance. After training through the winter period, one of our athletes has recently been selected for the Scottish junior cycling team competing in the European championships.


ESP physiotherapy has strong roots in the sport of CrossFit. Our Physiotherapist Gordon has had many years’ experience in teaching, competing and partaking in tough and gruelling sport

We are able help by providing a diagnosis, treatment, management plan and rehabilitation program for any injury you may experience when training in Crossfit or weightlifting.