Your First Visit to ESP Physio

Your First Visit to ESP Physio

May 28, 2021

Instead of focussing on a specific injury in this month blog we will be giving you a brief outline of what you can expect on your first visit to ESP. For some of our patients they have never been to physiotherapy before and understandably it can be a bit daunting. 

How to Book?

If you are a private customer then the simplest way to book is via the online booking system.

  1. Simply choose the clinic that you want to attend, either Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling or Grangemouth.
  2. Next choose the clinician of your preference, and then select the day and time that suits.
  3. Once you do that it will prompt you to leave payment which means there is no need to do that at the appointment and the physio can spend the maximum amount of time working with you.

If you are a patient with private medical insurance then it’s best to call in and either speak to Lynne or Mark. We need your insurance provider and authorisation number.

Where to Go?


The clinic is located just off Paisley Road West behind the Aldi supermarket on Tweedsmuir Road. We are right next door to the Dental Practice in an annex building. When you arrive knock the door and the physiotherapist will greet you.


Head into the main entrance at the Waverly Gate Building, and walk round to the left across the foyer and past the coffee shop stand. Go through the doors and take the lift down to minus second floor. Outside of the lift you will see the GYM Group door entrance. Next to the door entrance is a stand with a bell on it. Press the bell button firmly and wait for the physio to come and collect you.


Head down Causeway Head road and turn under the railway line into the rugby club car park. Take a right and drive down to the bottom of the car park. Use the main entrance and then go straight ahead through the second double door. The clinic is immediately on the left hand side.


If your are arriving from the Grangemouth side or coming off the motorway at junction 5 of the M9 you are looking to take a sharp left into a small road before the traffic lights. You will then see a row of wooden garages. If you are coming from the Skinflats end, then take the first right after your cross the canal.

After passing the garages take a left into the Rugby club car park and park the car down towards the pitch. Our clinic is located behind the club house directly opposite the main pitch. If you ring the buzzer on the door the physio will then come and collect you.

What To Wear?

If its a lower limb issue that you are struggling with its best to bring a pair of shorts that allow the clinician to see and assess the effected area. 

If it’s a back or shoulder issue then a sports bra or vest for ladies is appropriate.

In very rare occasions the physio may need to assess or treat the hip/groin/pelvis region with the patient in their underpants. We appreciate that for some it can be uncomfortable being in this state of undress. If this is the case please let the physiotherapist know and we will try our best to accomodate with a towel or such like. 

What To Expect?

When you arrive at the clinic you will be greeted by your physiotherapist and taken into one of our treatment areas. The physio will then ask you some questions surrounding your issue and get more details about how the injury effects your life. If you take any prescription medication its’ often a good idea to bring a list of this with you. 

Once you have told the physio about your problem they will leave the cubicle and ask you to get changed into appropriate clothing. Following this they will examine the effected area, comparing both sides and performing a series of provocative tests to try and establish where the source of your pain is coming from. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable, but at ESP we will only apply the necessary pressure to gather the information we need from the tests we use. 

After we have thoroughly examined the area the clinician will then be able to tell you more about your problem, specifically where the pain is coming from and what the options would be to solve the issue. If for whatever reason we were not 100% confident of what was going on, or we needed more information we would then discuss where we go from that point. Sometimes this involves speaking with your GP or referring you for further investigations such as x-ray, MRI scan or asking one of the Orthopaedic Surgeons we use to see you for an opinion. 

In most cases however we would then perform some form of hands on treatment with you so that you leave the clinic feeling better than you arrived. Following this we almost always provide you with a personalised home exercise program to begin with. 

In terms of follow-up appointments these are arranged depending on several factors including how severe the issue is, how long you have had the injury (often the more chronic cases take longer to recover – hence why we encourage people to come and see us sooner rather then later), and what level you need to get back to (general everyday living or sport specific). The physio would discuss these factors with you and advise what would best suit your needs. For the patients that require additional sessions we do have discounted blocks for sessions and these can be discussed with you physio. 


We hope that this has been helpful in painting a clearer picture of what to expect on your first visit to us at ESP. If you require any further information or what to speak to us about then we would be delighted to hear from you so please just give us a call on 01324 227 370.