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POSTED: August 29, 2022

ESP Physio Returns From The Games

At ESP we have always encouraged our team to get experience in as many fields as possible whether that be lecturing on physiotherapy courses at university, working in pro-youth football, rugby or hockey to name but a few. It is the same reason why we have a constant stream of physiotherapy students coming from Queen […]


POSTED: August 25, 2022

Working With The Best

Since ESP’s inception we have always tried to work with world class athletes. Our goal as company was to provide the very best level of service for our patients, and we recognised that if we could provide a level of care that professional athletes were happy with, then we could certainly meet the requirements of […]


POSTED: July 11, 2022

Pilates at ESP Physio

As some of you might already know Olivia is running weekly Pilates classes at Grangemouth rugby club on a Thursday morning from 8-8:45 AM.  A block of 5 classes costs £40 and all you require is a mat and a towel to support your head and neck.  Pilates is low level strengthening for the lower […]


POSTED: May 4, 2022

ACL Injuries in Football

What is the ACL? The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a major ligament in the knee point that is responsible for preventing the tibia (shin bone) from coming forward from the femur (thigh bone). It also controls rotation in the knee and is essential for stabilising the knee during dynamic agility tasks, such as pivoting […]


POSTED: February 17, 2022

Breaking Pointe: 5 Common Foot and Ankle Injuries in Dance

One of the things we love to do at ESP is take student physiotherapists on placement before they qualify. If you have attended our Stirling or Grangemouth clinic before Christmas then you may have met Rachel Hendrie who qualified last year before starting a post with the Scottish Ballet. As we see an increasing number […]


POSTED: January 27, 2022

Sports Physiotherapy for Hockey Injuries

ESP are no strangers to providing physiotherapy cover to sporting teams and events. In recent years we have had our physiotherapists cover Falkirk Football Clubs U21 matches, Scotlands Strongest Man Finals and the Super 6, Wolves and Ladies teams at Stirling County Rugby Club. However in recent weeks we have added the sports of Indoor […]


POSTED: November 29, 2021

Sports Massage at Edinburgh Physiotherapy Clinic

In recent months we have added Sports Massuer Cairn Wallace to the team at ESP. He has been doing a great job helping us deliver our Stirling Rugby Club service, and has now also recently started running a sports massage clinic from our Edinburgh clinic. In this months blog we thought we would catch up […]


POSTED: September 30, 2021

GP, A+E, or ESP Physio?

In recent months we have encountered lots of patients who have a similar story regarding their injury, and how it has been managed prior to them coming to see us. For the most part these patients were either trying to get help via their GP or were post-operative/recovering from surgery or trauma.  The general theme […]


POSTED: July 19, 2021

Why Choose Physiotherapy?

Lately we have seen lots of promotions on social media with companies including our own advertising to help you with your injuries, aches and pains. Physiotherapists; Osteopaths; Chiropractors; Sports Therapists; Massage Therapists; and more all say that they can make you better. Therefore choosing where to go, and who to see can be a difficult […]


POSTED: June 25, 2021

Frozen Shoulder and how Physiotherapy can help

At ESP we commonly see shoulder injuries. Typically these are injuries to the rotator cuff or muscles stabilising the shoulder. However in the past 12-18 months we have seen a rapid increase in the number of patients coming into see us with Frozen Shoulder. For most people this condition is relatively unheard off and the […]