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Edinburgh Sports Massage Clinic

November 17, 2021

From the 25th November we will be starting a Sports Massage clinic on Thursday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm at our Edinburgh Gym Group clinic.

For those of you who have never had a sports massage before we recommend this for any sports people, or those who exercise regularly or have a physical job.

The aim of sports massage is to optimise sports and athletic or physical performance.

It does this by assisting in the recovery of serious training or competition; improving metabolic imbalances; reducing oedema; increasing joint range of motion; keeping soft tissues in a healthy state; helping with pain relief; and inducing a relaxed mind set.

Please be aware that we cannot perform sports massage if you have skin infections, DVT, varicose veins, tumours, undiagnosed lumps, melanoma or other cancers.

If you are suffering from an injury or experiencing pain then it is appropriate to book in for a physiotherapy assessment prior to any sports massage treatments.

Appointments can be booked with our Sports Masseur Cairn HERE