GP, A+E, or ESP Physio?

GP, A+E, or ESP Physio?

September 30, 2021

In recent months we have encountered lots of patients who have a similar story regarding their injury, and how it has been managed prior to them coming to see us.

For the most part these patients were either trying to get help via their GP or were post-operative/recovering from surgery or trauma. 

The general theme reported from these patients was that they felt lost and somewhat helpless as what to do, and where to go next.

Some felt that they had been discharged early whilst others were left scratching their heads as to what was wrong with them in the first place.

In many cases the GPs’ had prescribed medication to keep the symptoms at bay, and told the patient to stop the activities that make the pain worse. 

Whilst in theory this is good advice, for a lot of people it’s not always practical as they cannot take time away from their work. Ultimately the patient sometimes has no other option than to continue struggling on in pain. 

Other patients had reported that they were referred by their GP to the NHS Physiotherapy service however they were told that the waiting times were long. For the ones that did wait they felt that the amount of hands on intervention they received was minimal.

Having spoke to ex-colleagues working in the NHS it is clear that the pandemic has placed a huge amount of pressure on the service, and as such it has changed the face of the patient journey. 

Interestingly and along this same line, a recent study by Aberdeen University concluded that due to the impact of Covid-19 there was the potential for a new opioid drug problem associated with patients waiting longer for elective orthopaedic services. The research concluded that there should be viable alternatives to pain killer prescription for those suffering with musculoskeletal injuries i.e. physiotherapy.

So what if you are struggling with a Musculo-skeletal injury, and are finding it hard to see a GP or to get help with your pain, what other options are available to you?

Physiotherapist treating knee pain

NHS Route vs Private Route

The private medical sector has seen a huge increase in demand in the last 12-18 months, and at ESP Physio specifically we have seen a rise in the number of self-funding patients to our clinics.

One reason for this is that the private sector is not bound with the same level of demand and restrictions that the NHS faces. 

Specifically at ESP we have no waiting list, so we can usually appoint patients within a matter of days, at a time of their choosing both day, or night.  

On top of that we have no restraints, and so can see patients as many times as they need/want to get them back to where they need to be. 

We will take you from the beginning of your journey by first diagnosing the problem, before creating a roadmap of treatment (both hands on and exercise based) to get you back to where you need to be.

At ESP Physio we are here to give you clear specific guidance, so you know exactly what to do, and what not to do. 

Additionally should your issue be somewhat more complex or serious we have excellent connections with the very best orthopaedic specialists, so that should you need an MRI, X-ray or any other specialist opinion it can be arranged via us both efficiently and smoothly. 

We are also registered with all Private Medical Insurance companies so just speak to your provider for a pre-authorisation code. 

Essentially the quicker we can see someone in pain, the less likely it will be for the issue to become chronic and more challenging to treat. 

In recent months the most common types of injures that we have seen our patients struggle with in clinic are arthritic knees, sciatica, lumbar disc injuries, frozen shoulders, and muscular neck pain 

So if you are struggling with pain and can’t get an appointment with your GP then please come directly to us, and start your journey to get back to better health today.

Your health is your wealth, so please don’t let pain fester. 

You don’t need to accept your current situation. 

If you would like to speak to one of our team then call us on 01324 227 370 or you can book yourself in for a physiotherapy appointment with us here