Become a Better Golfer With ESP Physio

Become a Better Golfer With ESP Physio

May 17, 2019

The new golf season has begun with an amazing win from Tiger at the Masters and everybody is itching to get started! At ESP we have hear a lot of golfers say they play with pain and physical restrictions. It can be frustrating when these limitations affect your golf game. With the right physical screening and guidance all golf players can improve their physical condition and movement efficiency.

How will this help improve your golf game:

  • Play with less pain
  • Play with better movement, quality and consistency
  • Play with more speed and power to increase your distances
  • Reduce your golf handicap
  • Enjoy your game more

Working with PGA teaching professionals:

In winter 2018 ESP started working with local PGA golf professional Stewart Craig based at Forthview Golf centre In Airth. ESP completed physical assessments with all players using the Titleist Performance Institute 16 point screen. Tom compared the screening results to 3D biomechanical assessments from Stewart to design personalized training programs for the off season. The results have been successful with committed clients improving their flexibility and strength.

Benefits of using Force plate data:

Another interesting tool has been being able to use the force plate data from Stewart. This is a golfers signature of movement efficiency. Only through specific conditioning and movement practice can golfers learn to better use their feet to create energy and speed from contact with the ground. Common exercises we have been using to create better mobility are:

Exercises we have been using:

  • Hip 90/90 – Increase hip & pelvic flexibility
  • Hip Internal Rotation – Improves ability to rotate into the top of your back swing
  • Golfers Stretch – Better flexibility from your shoulders allows you to complete your backswing and use the club on the plane.

Movement Efficieny & Power

  • Anti Sway – Improves strike consistency and weight transfer
  • Cables – Increase rotation of your pelvis and upper body to help increase club head speed
  • Left Hip Lead Cables + Pull Up Band – Improves swing sequencing and use of the ground
  • Trap Bar – Improves balance and strength of hips and pelvis

If you want to identify some of the issues you have and resolve them to become a better golfer then call us on 01324 227 370 and book your own TPI Physical Screen and personalised program design.

Look out for our group golf physical training sessions over the next few months, and our new exercise APP coming out later this year!